Choosing Gifts For Baby's First Easter Basket

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Kids just love Easter baskets, but when they're still babies, they don't really know what it's all about. Even so, if this is your baby's first Easter, or if you know a baby who's celebrating this milestone for the first time, you should consider putting a simple basket together for them.

Why First Easter Baskets are Important

If you've got older children, and if the Easter Bunny brings them a basket each year, then it's vital that baby gets one too. Otherwise, the older kids might wonder why your baby was left out! Traditionally, the Easter Bunny brings gifts to children who are good, so you can imagine what older siblings may think.

Even if you don't have older kids, you should still consider getting baby their very first Easter basket. Easter is a time when families and friends often meet up, and if there is a new arrival, they're bound to be the subject of lots of photos and videos. Imagine when they look back at their first Easter and see the adults gorging on chocolate, but nothing for them!

But the most important reason of all is that they're special, and really, we do want to spoil them!

Types of Gifts

There are, essentially, three types of gift that are suitable for baby's first Easter basket, and it's likely you'll include some of each.

First, we have little gifts for baby to enjoy. No chocolate or candy, of course, but their favorite baby foods, some soft toys, and musical instruments are all appropriate. Other ideas include bath toys, baby books, and music CDs.

Secondly, we have the practical stuff. These are things that baby probably wouldn't choose for themselves, but mom and dad will be happy with. Think of teething rings, Easter themed clothes and bibs, blankets, and so on.

Thirdly, there are gifts for babies, but that are really for mom and dad! For example, you can get a chocolate egg with your baby's name on it. They may not be allowed to eat the chocolate, but they make a great addition to any Easter photo. After wards, mom and dad will help to tidy it away!

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There are also specialized First Easter Baskets available if you search online retailers. This First Easter Basket is especially cute!

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Choosing Gifts For Baby's First Easter Basket

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This article was published on 2010/04/18