Easter Egg Hunts Need the Easter Bunny

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Looking for a sure fie way of keeping children amused this Easter? Why not organise your own Easter Egg Hunt? For years and all over the world, these have kept generations of children entertained during the Easter festivities and if organised correctly you can ensure that all ages get to enjoy the experience.

The rules of an Easter Egg Hunt are simple. Each child searches for as many eggs as they can find. This usually means that you will find your little darling sitting in a bush with a face covered in chocolate (or mud). This can however be avoided by using either brightly coloured hard-boiled eggs or alternatively by hiding brightly coloured plastic eggs which can be exchanged at the end of the hunt for the real prize.

If the thought of a hoard of little ones running amuck in your garden isn't in your plan for this Easter you need to develop a better plan. This will normally involve developing a series of clues to direct each child in a pre-determined direction thereby minimising the damage to your prize plants. It is vital that you devise clues to suit the age range of the individual searcher.

These clues should contain hints on where the searcher can find an egg. Written on paper either plain or aged - see our articles on pirate or luau invitations - they are most fun when they themselves are hidden in the garden tied with wool which can be wound around the garden back to the start point and each wool chain being unique to each child. This also helps to lengthen, and grow, excitement and anticipation. If you are developing clues for little ones they can be simplified by being pictures of where the searcher can find their egg or eggs.

If you chose to draw simple maps for your Easter Egg Hunt then remember to make than complete enough for that age group and although it may appear silly to be drawing a map of your garden, if done sensitively it does help the development of the child when they work it out for themselves or with only minimal assistance from the Easter Bunny.

Oh yes, you will need to invite the Easter Bunny, don't know how to contact him..? Well if you pop down to your local fancy dress party store or internet fancy dress site you should find an extensive collection of Easter Bunny costumes for all ages and to suit all pockets. Inviting the Easter Bunny along to your Easter Egg Hunt will ensure that all of the kids have fun and after all that's the real reason for organising one in the first place.

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We hope that you can find the time to plan an Easter Egg Hunt for yourself and that the weather is kind to you. If you do want to invite the Easter Bunny to your event, Karnival Costumes have an extensive range of adult's and children's bunny suits which are guaranteed to amuse and entertain your guests. Select the link to our section devoted to Easter Bunny Costumes at; http://www.karnival-house.co.uk/acatalog/Easter.html. To immerse yourself entirely in the spirit of Easter, why not visit our specialist Easter themed site http://www.easterbunnycostumes.co.uk/

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Easter Egg Hunts Need the Easter Bunny

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This article was published on 2010/04/03