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Nothing says "It's Easter" like flowers. A simple way to put you into the right mindset going into Easter is to go buy a nice springtime arrangement or some fresh loose flowers for the house. When you wake up and one of the first things you see is a bright bouquet on the table you can't help being happy.  Easter to me is about new beginnings and being thankful for our pasts. When I was growing up my favorite Easters were spent up north. The family would load up and drive from Phoenix up to Payson. We would join our family up there and go to a spot by a stream or a meadow for our lunch. After eating all, the kids would go out exploring on our Easter egg hunt. 

Getting sidetracked in the woods or playing in the water was no big deal, even if it meant that I wouldn't come back with the most eggs. Just being with the ones I loved, out in the peace and beauty of nature was enough to make me a special kind of happy. I don't think I was not aware of it at the time but the fresh air and blue sky was something that was special to me being a kid from the city. But the subtle touch of color all around that the wild flowers provided is something that seems to stand out even more as I look back. 

Most of us have similar memories from our childhood. Now as an adult we seldom let ourselves slow down enough to really enjoy those types of moments. So here is a suggestion, instead of driving out of the city to help relax yourself for the week of Easter just stop by the local florist. Spend that one day out with your family if you can but bring home that subtle touch of peace.  Some lilies, tulips, or Daisies on the table go a long way to reminding you about the impotent things in life. This little extra touch of color around the house can help to slow you down and give you a little piece of Easter every day. So go down to your florist, get some fresh spring flowers and for the next couple of weeks remind yourself why Easter is special to you. Please visit us at www.payneandmorrison.com

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Easter Flowers

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This article was published on 2010/04/04