The Prague Easter Tradition

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Prague Easter, like the Easter tradition in other Christian countries is synonymous with eggs and in particular decorated eggs. Czech Easter traditions are still observed particularly in small villages and towns. The decoration of eggs has reached an art form in some places with much work and preparation going in to the finished product. For the visitor planning to have a Prague Easter the celebration appears to be similar to what you will find at home.

Prague Easter Sunday Mass is characterised by the congregation bringing food to be consecrated by the priest. The food is then returned home by the women-folk to be ceremonially eaten by the family at lunch. In some parts of the country part of the consecrated food is placed in the fields, gardens and well to ensure a good harvest and plentiful supply of water.

There is a tradition of Easter flogging which is a more gentle activity than its title suggests. The young men armed with their Easter sticks which are made of wicker with colourful ribbon tied to it, move from house to house flogging the women. The men were rewarded with a decorated egg although that has now changed to plum brandy which ensures that men get quite jovial as the day progresses.

The Easter traditions have changed slightly over the years with the Easter sticks now being bought at the Prague Easter markets. Farmer's wives had a tradition of beating the livestock and everyone who lived in the house with a Pussy willow (pomlzka) twig to bring health and youth to the farm.

Prague Easter is a very busy time for tourists who want to be part of the Czech Easter traditions. Visitors will need to plan their visit well in advance and ensure that accommodation is also booked. This is a wonderful time to visit Prague with the Prague Easter markets and the city full of color and vibrancy.
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This article will assist you to plan for your visit to Prague during the Easter celebration. This is a very time in Prague and you will need to plan well ahead to make sure that Prague Easter works out well for you.

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The Prague Easter Tradition

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This article was published on 2011/02/05